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How about these signatures?


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Sorry i couldn't use all the players mentioned in some of them. i did my best, and what i could. hope that is okay.

Anyone who requests somthing as relatively obscure as the Oregon Ducks, the WORST dressed team in sports history, is lucky to get anything and should be damn grateful. :P

And ColtzFan101, didn't your mama teach you to say "please"?

Love your work on the Wild and others. Really, really nice stuff.


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u mind doin one of the Oregon Ducks with

Dennis Dixon

cameron colvin

and jonathan stewart

if you can/want to of course

if so thanx in advance

if no thanx anyway

I like your sig just as it is man! B)

gracias (or as i like to say grassyASS)

workin on addin my new sig

thanks againfor makin this

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Oregon Ducks, the WORST dressed team in sports history

Not even close. That's a ridiculous statement. Even if you don't like them, you can at least sleep soundly knowing they match and coordinate (admit it, they do), unlike some of history's more atrocious uniforms. "WORST dressed team in sports history" is a very strong and loaded phrase; think before you use it.

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I realize how much work you have to do, so any combination of the following would be greatly appreciated:

Buccaneers: Derrick Brooks, Cadillac Williams

Lightning: Vinny Lecavalier, Brad Richards

Devil Rays: Carl Crawford, Scott Kazmir

USF Bulls: Jim Leavitt, Rocky the Bull



and a wildcard that no one else will ask for:

Matt Kenseth.

The images that you would need, i think, would be:

(If these arent suitable, feel free to PM me. I'll help out as much as possible.)





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Thanks. Could You Also Do A Mark Martin(NASCAR) One Please and a Lightning one with Brad Richards,Martin St.Louis,Vincent Lecalvier and John Grahme on it please.

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Hey stadiumboy,

Word of advice... don't take every request people throw at you. You'll burn out that way. People always enjoy a free lunch, and I know you're probably feeling good right about your popular signatures (as well you should, you're doing well), but don't let them take advantage of you.

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thank SyPhi for the advice.

i will do as many as i can and am able. however, i also know that this is just something to do on the side. family, work, come first.

no, i probably won't do all of them that are requested. this is just something i do for fun, not for popularity. please know that.

here are the next batch:





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