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New rockets jerseys


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Still not a fan of hte logo, but I like the stripes, at least on the shorts.  Can't really see the jersey stripes well enough to tell how they look.  That said, I think Houston should have either gone with red and silver or red and white.  I don't like the white and silver right by each other, they seem almost like they made an error and ran out of white stripes so they just threw on the silver ones.
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Actually, Dallas is the one team where I don't blame them for not putting the nickname on the homes... even with the narrow font they use, MAVERICKS is a long name to put on a basketball jersey. The way Memphis does it really irks me though. Maybe they're trying to get people used to their new locale?

BTW... wasn't Memphis coming out with some new threads this year? I recall reading something about that a while back...

Oh, and in response to the Houston identity, I think they have done a reversal. It used to be that they had a decent logo with terrible jerseys. Now they have a dumb logo with decent jerseys. Overall, this identity is an improvement, though.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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