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Tampa Bay Lightning Concept


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I was sitting in sociology, and I just started drawing, and I came up with this concept for the Tampa Bay Lightning. I did this in illustrator in like 15 minutes, so it's not perfect. Just lemme know what you think and if I should do any further with my idea. Is it reading as a Lightning bolt? What about just using the "TB"? What about the font?


I guess I should mention that I basically used the Kent State logo for the lightning bolt idea. The grey parts inside the lightning bolt...I will probably be making them more into a lightning bolt shape if I choose to go further with this idea.

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Well, I didn't wanna go too far away from their logo. It's not a bad logo, if you get rid of the letters on it. So, I tried to just limit the letters because otherwise it would look like the Flash logo.

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Just bought the Hurricane Katrina Auction Pavel Kubina jersey. Here is a simple thought for their current logo. Get rid of the silver circle on the logo, use just the word mark and lightning bolt.


sorry to include this here. just didn't want to get humiliated by starting a topic and then having 4 or 5 guys link me to a TB thread that had already started

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