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Online baseball uniform history neglected


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As a community of sports fans, and sports uniforms and logos in particular, I wanted to try to enlist your help.

The Baseball Hall of Fame's website has an online version of Marc Okkonen's book, "Baseball Uniforms of the 20th Century." I'm sure most of you are familiar with this book, if not owners of a copy of it.


My concern is that Okkonen's work ends in 1994 and the Hall of Fame is only documenting the standard home and road uniforms since then, making no effort to document any of the extremely common alternates in use today.

This is a tremendous oversight on their part and something that could be easily maintained if kept current on an annual basis. By letting this work go incomplete for almost ten years, it's only going to become harder each year to ever make it complete and accurate again.

If one person working alone can document 94% of a century, you would think that an organization like the Baseball Hall of Fame would have the resources or connections to make an accurate record of all the uniforms worn for a decade and keep it current.

So, what I am urging you all to do, is take a moment and check out the database and see for yourself. The New York Mets have 5 jerseys this year and the Twins, Diamondbacks and Astros have 4 for example, yet each team only is shown with 2. Spread out over the whole league, that's a lot to ignore.

Then, I ask you to drop the Hall of Fame a note through the following link, asking them to keep the database complete and current.


It's a great resource if it's maintained, and a lost opportunity if it's left to continue in it's current state.

Let's see what we can do to get them back on track and on our side.



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47 views and no replies? Well, I hope some of you took the time to write to the Hall at least.  :)

Please, this isn't an annoying online petition thing, this is a great resource we can all use and appreciate if they do a proper job of it.

I think we can truly affect some change if enough of us let them know we feel this is important enough for them to do properly.



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I've been working on my own little MLB database for a while now, and yes it includes alternate jerseys.

(still looking for a little help on this project guys :D )

I thought I saw something posted earlier about changing to a different template.  Am I imagining this, or are we still using the same ol' templates?  I think I have done about half of all the uniforms you had on the site, and I would very much like to continue.

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I've created a vector temp, if you do wanna change...

I have recently created a vector template based on a template posted in the TEMPLATES post pinned on this forum.

Yes, I have used a new template, annoying I know, but is much better than the previous one, plus includes pants.

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Wouldn't it be easier to talk the Hall of Fame into finishing what they have started since they are so close to having it right?

Oh well...


Asking MLB to change something they've already decided on?  You can go for it, but I wouldn't bother trying.

You can create them in JPG/BMP/GIF if you like, I would really prefer it if the yearly team images could be made the way I set them up (which I will post once my computer is back up and goin), so I don't have to make 80 different Phillies images, I can just upload images and update HTML.

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