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Oh no...


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Was looking on www.goduke.com and through the pictures of Duke's exhibition vs. Concordia and came across this distrubing picture. Look at Demarcus Nelson's (#21) shorts. The panel is definately black on them, yet on JJ Redick's, it is definately blue. Somebody please tell me Nike is not thinking about swithching the color of the panel..the black on the neck and armholes is bad enough!


And in this one of Greg Paulus, it looks like one panel is black, and the other is blue...


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You're right, I didn't think about shadows.  Thanks guys. My heart stopped for a few seconds when I thought I was going to have to go through basketball with different colored legs like football with different colored arms

Phew.. that scared me for a second too. Of course I'm sure there's a Nike marketing genius browsing this forum that just got an excellent idea thanks to you.. :D

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wow, even in a meaningless preseason game, there are still a big crowd.

You sure about that?

Cameron Indoor Stadium holds 9300 and change. It doesn't take that many people for the building to be filled. Moreover, this may be the only chance for a lot of Duke bandwagoneers to see the team in action, since they won't be able to get seats for a game that counts.

And by the way... DUKE SUCKETH.

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