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A few things I noticed...

1) Italic fonts don't work real well when the whole flow of the logo is vertical, as in most shield logos.

2) The soccer balls lines are very narrow compared to the outlines of the rest of the logo. I'd suggest fattening those up somewhat, and making the outlines of the ball the same as the background... the black doesn't show up well against the green, so you might as well just make it all green and have the negative space suggest the soccer ball. The outline thing applies to the text in the banner at the bottom as well... the green gets plenty of contrast against the white though, so in this case I'd suggest dropping the outline and just having solid green text.

3) Are the claw marks purposely inconsistent? I know they're the same on the left side as the right, and I also realize that in nature, claw marks are usually not uniform, but for the sake of the logo, I think it would look a lot sharper and more professional if the scratches were more consistent.

4) I like the idea behind the first logo the best.

I realize a lot of these may be interpreted as nitpicky, but believe me, although people say they 'love it' in it's present form, it's an even cooler feeling to knock their socks clear off.

P.S. Remember Labour Day? Those were good times... would've loved to have been there to take it all in with you. :D J/K

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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