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I was just messing around today and came up with the UWM version, Victor E. Panther (yeah thats his actual name), of Bucky Badger. I know how everyone gets around here when people try and steal the ideas of others, so right off the bat I am not claiming to have designed this entire logo. Anyways I thought it looked kinda cool, so I'll post it on the boards.


Let me know what you guys think!

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The M on the sweater looks a little like it was just thrown on there. Maybe if it was slanted just a little it would look more natural in comparison with the stripes on the sweater itself.

That said, I like it. It wouldn't pass for a real UWM logo as it's way too similar to Bucky, but it's nice nonetheless.

Oh, and Marquette blows whilest UIC sucks. :D

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Oh, I know this would never pass as one of our logos, nor would I intend to ever allow it to be proposed as a logo. I just simply thought of doing this the other day, and figured "why not?".

I think the addition of a tail sounds like a good idea, which I think would be a fun little challenge to do. And I will also work on making the 'M' a little more fluid with the sweater.

Thanks for the comments so far, and if you have anymore ideas let me hear 'em!

And its tru "Marquette blows whilest UIC sucks" :D

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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