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High School Basketball Concept


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I was trying to get a traditional but with a little modern mixed in. I didn't want it to be completly traditional looking and this is what I came up with. Ignore the short logo, I stuck it on there because I couldn't find the school's logo. C & C welcome.

I believe pics get larger if you click on them. Gold-Alt, Royal-Away, White-Home

bhsnewtradunialt4ku.th.png bhsnewtraduniaway4xs.th.png bhsnewtraduni5ba.th.png

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Nice work. A couple of suggestions. Try a different numeral font. And try putting your team's nickname on the whites, your school name on the roads. If your team is actually going to buy new uniforms remember, according to new National Federation rules, in 2006-07 home uniforms MUST be white. Therefore your gold set would have to be worn on the road only. And I'd suggest you use the flat-back mesh material. It has great colors and does not absorb persperation. :rolleyes:

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