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College Football Rivalry Wager Announcement!


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In anticipation of their schools' November 25 clash in Tempe, amare32 (University of Arizona - Class of 1998) and lilg (Arizona State University - Class of 2001) wish to announce a "friendly" wager.

If UA wins, lilg will change his avatar and signature to celebrate the Wildcats for two (2) weeks.

If ASU wins, amare32 will change his avatar and signature to celebrate the Sun Devils for two (2) weeks.

W/ college football rivalry weeks fast approaching, amare32 and lilg invite the alums and fans of other schools to challenge their rivals to a similar gentlemen's bet.


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Me and lost_limey have one for the Virgina Tech - Virgina game.

I'll bet LL for a UNC/UVa game, but only every other year, when the game is in Chapel Hill. God knows, the Heels can't win in Hooville (24 years and counting... <_< ).

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Just had to have your own thread, didn't you?

lilg and I decided yours was getting a bit unruly. Only civilized blood fueds are allowed in this thread. :D

Since when did we institute civility and rule around here? ^_^


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bet is accepted!!! GO SPARKY GO DEVILS

:notworthy: ...GO DEVILS!!! Oh and Amare, if you want another person in this bet I will be more then happy to get in...I mean its a safe bet on my side :D

I have only one signature to be marred by Sparky's sick mug.

But if you'd like the honor wearing the RED and BLUE of the mighty University of Arizona Wildcats, I'm happy to extend to you the opportunity.

If you really think it's a safe bet on your side, you're clearly a product of the ASU "education" system.

You overestimate your abilities. You underestimate ours. And you don't know your history.

Proving once again that ASU only issues BS degrees.


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Yea your right. With one of the best buisness and science programs in the world we are really behind you guys :)...Oh, and I do know the history of ASU/UA and overall you guys have won more, however if you look at the last 10 years you might be a little surprised at what you find :)

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Too bad theres no Navy fans for the upcoming Army/Navy next month.

I like Navy. Although I don't hate Army.

Army/Navy is one of those weird rivalrys where you don't completely hate the other team.

I can say I don't hate Navy. Maybe its better to say I hate Navy football when they play Army. Otherwise, in bowl games and all, you gotta root for them.

Air Force on the other hand....thats a completely different story.

And I guess I could do the FSU one, being I'm an FSU fan. (Gotta be a fan of a decent team when you like Army!)

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