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*-*-*Concepts Forum FAQ*-*-*

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* The origonal Forum FAQ. Much more in depth than this one. If your answer isn't in this post, check this thread

The Concept Forum

1. The purpose of the Concepts forum is to share origonal logo and uniform ideas. If you wish to discuss existing professional logos, please do so in the Sports Logo Forum

2. Before you submit any works, please take steps to ensure the security of your work. ie wordmarks, signatures, etc. thefts have occured. Do your best to protect your work!

Posting a Concept:

3. Make sure that you post a descriptive title, and accuratly describe your design in your post. Make it clear what it is you have, and what you were trying to achieve. This will help posters understand what you have done and help to give constructive feedback.

Responding to a Concept:

4. Before you respond to a concept, make sure you view it and the description carefully. You responce may have already been mentioned by the poster them selves.

5. DO NOT respond using only an emoticon. Emoticons are meant to establish what your mood is in what you have written, not a substitute for your own words.

That said, i am offically banning the use of the puking emoticon in this forum, as well as any outside emoticon that following in that general theme.:puke:

6. please respond with more than two sentances.

If you like a concept, say why. What is it that you like about it? Why do you like it? Why does it catch your eye? What can they do to make this concept better?

If you don't like that concept, the same request is made. What needs to change, what can they do to improve.

One of the great cornerstones of this board has been the amazing concepts that have been presented in the past. I want to restore that around here. if more people, it is difficult to get the same level of responce that there was way back in the early days in 2002.

please take the time to respond critically to the concepts you see. If you are a designer who has posted here before, take the time to check out the designs of others. Constructive comments helps everyone grow and helps us become a better designer. Be nice to each toher, and have fun!CCSLC T-FAQ

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When Posting a Concept

7. When you decide you are going to post a concept, please do not posts something you made up in less than 15 minutes. In 15 minutes you don't have enough time to put a substancial amount of thought or effort into your design.

It won't be enough work to be indicitive of your skill level, and positive comments given out will most likely be minimal.

Please take the time to finish up your concept as much as posible before posting in so that you will gain the most amount of experience possible, and will get a more possitive responce.

The more work you do, the more you learn, and the better you become

Posting the Concept

i- save your concept as a .gif or .png or whatever.

ii- go to, register a free account

iii- upload your image into your photobuckt account. The controls are right at the top of the page.

iv- After uploading onto photo bucket, find the {IMG} line beneath it. Copy that line into your post to get your concept to appear

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OK, it appears people need a reminder about what the co0ncepts forum is all about.

This forum is for sharing Logo and Uniform ideas. This forum is for recieving helpful feedback and constructive critisisms so that people may improve upon their designs and get a better feel for what works and what doesn't.

This forum is NOT for:

-random ass kissing

-comments not ont topic for the concept at hand.

-designs that are not sportslogo related, parodies of other people's work, or bad jokes

This have gotten pretty lax here with the moderation lately, but from now on, any post that is off topic, or a simple ass kiss will be deleted when it is brought to our attention. If all you can say is 'Wow! OMG :notworthy: don't post. If you can't find at least three full sentances of something to say, reconsider if it's worth taking the time to reply. one sentance responces and emotes do little to help the designer.

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