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NFL Uniforms

The Danimal

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AFC West

Kansas City - C 75%, bland and not much to it.

San Diego - A- 90%, like these unis alot, not over the top and excellent colors

Oakland - B 85%, classic look, they pull off black the best

Denver - B+ 88%, these could last them for the next 10 years easily

AFC North

Pittsburgh - B 85%, the one-sided logo helmets bring them down

Cleveland - C+ 79%, ugly, but they are the browns, either love em or hate em. love the orange alternate.

Cincinnati - D 66%, they could look so much cleaner and less crazy, good colors

Baltimore - B- 80%, their alts stink, especially the black on blacks

AFC East

New York - 78% C+, like the old school flavor, but its time for an update.

Buffalo - 70% C-, pick a style buffalo! go modern or retro. can't do both.

New England - 92% A-, as much as I hate the pats, their unis have always been awesome, except for when the had the pinstripe jersey things. but these are great.

Miami - 89% B+, i just wish they wore the green jerseys more, oranges are fun.

AFC South -

Indianapolis - 78% C+, not much to look at, i like the switch to grey fasemasks.

Tennessee - 84% B, unique, style setter, decent color scheme, a little too cute.

Jacksonville - 77% C+, i hate that their numbers on the white jerseys are black, they have virtually no teal left.

Houston - 80% B-, great logo, unis lack detail, but overall very good.

NFC North

Chicago - 88% B+, awesome classic look. not too crazy about the number font, their best is the navy on navy uniform.

Green Bay - 82% B-, their unis fit them well, maybe some update would help.

Detriot - 82% B-,a like the adding of black trim, but the black alts suck.

Minnesota - 60% D, ouchies, vikes gotta do something new and fresh

NFC South

Carolina - 94% A, great all the way around, hope they add silver pants on the road uniforms.

Atlanta - 87% B+, they tried to look edgey, and the do, but i wished they used the blacks as the mian jersey.

Tampa Bay - A+ 97%, The best uniforms in football hands down no questions asked.

New Orleans -68% D+, they have a good logo and colors, but they cant seem to match their golds anywhere in the uniform.

NFC East

Dallas - 69%, D+, their blue jerseys are great, but they never wear them. throwbacks are good too, but they only come out once a year. I HATE THEIR WHITE JERSEYS. they look so tacky and dont match. ew.

New York - 88% B+, love their royal blue uniforms. very classic feel. their new roads are a tribute to when football was football. good job.

Washington - 76% C+ , maroon is good, stripes on sleeves and pants bad.

Philadelphia - 90% A-, if they used less black, especially the alts, it would be an A+

NFC West

Seattle - 95% A, much much better than what they once had, love the lime green.

St. Louis - 85% B, not really feeling the white pants, gold pants are a winner.

Arizona - 77% C+, an upgrade from last season, but they copied the falcons.

San Francisco - 68% D+, could be better, i like the purposed helmet logo.

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NFC North

Chicago - F

Green Bay - F

Detriot - C

Minnesota - F

uuuhhhhh..... what?

:welcome: Glad to have you. You are aware that the Lions have those ass-ugly and completely unnecessary black alts that are screwing up what was a great uniform set, right? And they're in a division with some of the all-time classic uniforms (Bears, Packers, Vikings)? Just checking.

Moving on:

NFC EAST: Dallas B (one silver, please); NY Giants B- (it'd be an A if they hadn't gone to the new roadies); Philadelphia B- (an A without the wretched black alt); Washington A- (hey... it's worked this long, and it's a great look, asymmetric striped socks and all)

NFC NORTH: Chicago A (Top 5, except the monochrome navy); Detroit B- (ditch the black alt, you get an A); Green Bay B (missin' the extra sleeve stripes & the numbers at the hip); Minnesota B- (would love striping consistency between home & road)

NFC SOUTH: Atlanta C+ (revamp the sleeves and we'll be cool); Carolina B (solid but not spectacular); New Orleans B (fearing the metallic gold alt and the all-black look); Tampa Bay C+ (pewter's growing on me, though)

NFC WEST: Arizona C+ (I had higher hopes for them when they announced the "radical changes"); St. Louis C (waiting [in vain] for the distinctive rams' horns to come back to the sleeves); San Francisco B+ (a little black trim can work wonders when done correctly); Seattle D (ditched a better color scheme for blue, blue and more blue)

AFC EAST: Buffalo F (I thought they were kidding with these, but they keep wearin' 'em!); Miami C- (stop flirting with orange alts and curb the spread of navy, please, this look is not a change for the better); New England C+ (never warmed to these; I'd prefer Pat the Patriot to Flyin' Elvis, and I am not a fan of gratuitous piping and side panels); NY Jets A- (A+ if they swore to stop going all-green, as the colors don't match between jersey and pants)

AFC NORTH: Baltimore B- (would be higher but for their overreliance onthe "Any Given Sunday" motif); Cincinnati C+ (another change for the worse, still the best helmets); Cleveland A (Top 5... can't be a classic); Pittsburgh A (and that's with the non-block jersey numbers)

AFC SOUTH: Houston B+ (best of the new stuff, by far); Indianapolis A+ (best unis in football... simple, timeless, clean and sharp); Jacksonville D (and dropping every year); Tennessee C- (used to love these, but they're below average now)

AFC WEST: Denver C (they're growing on me, but I blame them for starting trend that destroyed so many other good uniforms); Kansas City A+ (another timeless, professional look); Oakland A- (simple works, people... less is more); San Diego B (and screw the powder blues... let's see some gold facemasks and pants for Dan Fouts and Air Coryell!)

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Nifty...time to give it a shot..


Buffalo -- D- (the throwbacks save it from being a F...other than that, they took a good look and ruined it with "trendy" jerseys :) )

Miami -- B- (not too shabby...that orange jersey needs to go byebye..and NEVER EVER wear all aqua...ugh, that was terrible)

New England -- B+ (as much as I despise the Pastries, I like their current look...just ditch the "dirty white" alts, please)

NY Jets -- B+ (good update of a classic look..the only thing that bugs me about these are the green pants and the tendancy of the team to play in monochrome green.)


Baltimore -- C+ (nothing too thrilling here...just not liking the black shirt/black pants look they use as an alt. stick with the purple tops only)

Cleveland -- B- (traditional for the most part...the orange alt needs to be thrown into the Cuyahoga, but the rest is pretty nice (yes, even the orange pants, too.).)

Cincinnati -- F (way to totally fluff up what was one of the nicer looking sets in the league, guys. the new ones are just flat out AWFUL)

Pittsburgh -- A (the arial-esque italicized numbers keep it from being an A+...other than that, I really like these..a lot)


Houston -- A- (very underrated set, IMO....even the red tops look good with the design they have)

Indianapolis -- A+ (perfection..no need to tinker with them..ever)

Jacksonville -- B (not too shabby...kinda need a little teal in there though..however, there's a chance of seeing an all-black look, and that's kinda not good)

Tennessee -- B- (these have grown on me over time...only real update to these I would make would be to lose the goat horn stripes on the helmet)


Denver -- A (another set that's gotten better looking as time's progressed. LOVE the orange alts with these (sorry, but they're one of the few teams out there that can pull off having an orange jersey and NOT look silly in the process)...only change I would make would be to either make the orange stripe on the helmet a solid line (instead of tapered) or just ditch it all together and go with a solid navy helmet)

Kansas City -- A (timeless set, IMO. Len Dawson, Mike Garrett, and many of the old school Chiefs would look right at home in these)

Oakland -- A+ (simplicity at it's finest)

San Diego -- A+ (might just be THE best set in all of the NFL...I like the powder blue throwbacks and all, but the regular set is just as good)


Dallas -- C+ (the whole using 221934723897 different shades of silver hold what would be a timeless classic of a jersey back)

NY Giants -- A- (these scream old school...and yes, I like the red dominated road jerseys :P, seeing it's what they wore in the 50s and early 60s when they were a power in the NFL....the only drawback is the 2 different versions of pants they have...the home ones are better, IMO)

Philadelphia -- B- (what was a halfway decent update to a classic look took a wrong turn when they added the black alt)

Washington -- B- (been around forever...however, I think something based off of the 70th Anniversary throwbacks would be a great start for an updated look for the Skins (but keep the current helmet maybe).)


Chicago -- A- (woulda been an A+ easy if it weren't for the orange alt they're wheeling out soon)

Detroit -- C+ (believe it or not, I actually like the updated look with the black...HOWEVER, they screwed up by adding the black alt. and killing off one of the better throwbacks in the process)

Green Bay -- A (timeless...slight tweaks to the Lombardi era look make these pretty darn nice, IMO)

Minnesota -- C (alright, it was a good attempt at updating, but these aren't as good as the classic Purple People Eaters era duds...definite upgrade needed here (but keep the helmet as is).)


Atlanta -- D- (UGH...not a fan of these new jerseys...the only redeeming factor to these are the updated bird..other than that..)

Carolina -- A- (another underrated set, IMO...love the Carolina Blue alts and they go well with both silver and white pants)

New Orleans -- C+ (they have the same problem as Dallas..too many different shades of gold...at least they ditched those ill-advised gold alts)

Tampa Bay -- B+ (good solid update...but then again, it wouldn't have taken much to be an upgrade from the Creamsicle/Bucco Bruce era look)


Arizona -- D+ (I like the new logo...hate the rest of the package..it had so much more potential, yet the Bidwells fluffed it up again)

St. Louis -- B+ (another updated set I like...even though it did get rid of the coolest thing about the old unis (the ram horns on the sleeve around the number).)

San Francisco -- B (nice blend of the old school 50s look and the 80s glory years...this look took a serious leap forward when they ditched the white pants for gold)

Seattle -- C+ (I HATE THE MONOCHROME BLUE! UGH! sorry, but the blue jerseys look INFINATELY better when paired up with the white pants...as long as they don't intro a blind-ya-if-ya-stare-at-em-too-long lime green alt, I can live with the update for the most part (even though I'd have liked to see them keep the silver helmets).)

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NFC North

Chicago - A, traditional is not ugly.

Green Bay - A, same as Chicago.

Detriot - B, I like the splash of black but don't like the black alts.

Minnesota - C, purple and gold reminds me of the Lakers and old Jazz.

NFC South

Carolina - A+, love these, even the blue alts.

Atlanta - B, good but I prefer the black homes over the reds.

Tampa Bay - A, great scheme, A+ if they bring back the orange as a throwback.

New Orleans - B, nothing wrong with black and gold but a little boring.

NFC East

Dallas - D, how many damn shades of silver do they need?

New York - C, great home jerseys, new red roads are disgusting.

Washington - B, that shade of red isn't too eye appealing but I understand why they use it.

Philadelphia - A+, nobody else uses that awesome shade of green, great number font.

NFC West

Seattle - B+, the roads are great but the all blue homes need some kinda tweak.

St. Louis - A+, love the blue and gold and the ram horn helmet.

Arizona - C, nothing wrong with the old red/whites.

San Francisco - A+, this is how red and gold should be done.

AFC North

Pittsburgh - A, don't mess with tradition.

Cleveland - B, I know they're traditional, but the unis need more brown than orange.

Cincinnati - B, uniforms are good, but the striped B logo shouldn't be a primary.

Baltimore - B-, Ravens homes should be black and not purple.

AFC East

New York - C, really don't like the white sleeves or white helmet, everything else is good.

Buffalo - A-, Nothing wrong with these, royal in the logo should be replaced with the navy from the jersey.

New England - B+, nothing wrong with them but the helmet needs some more umph.

Miami - B, only Miami teams can pull off turquoise and orange, but burn the orange alts.

AFC South -

Indianapolis - D, I like tradition, but these are really, really boring.

Tennessee - B, as a Canadian double-blue for football will always be Toronto Argonauts.

Jacksonville - C+, aren't Jaguars black and orange? Where does the teal come from?

Houston - A, modern but not over the top, ditch the red alt.

AFC West

San Diego - A, I like these, keep the powders as an alternate.

Oakland - A, could use a bit of an update but black and silver will always be DA RAIDAS!

Denver - B, only thing I don't like is the number font.

Kansas City - B, gotta give props for keeping yellow instead of switching to gold like everybody else.

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