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Dirty bird dane


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i used to do the Bird when i got introduced at my HS fall pep rallies or when i got to start.  woulda done it in a game except i was a nose guard and never had a shot at scoring...then again, our offense was worse than horrible, so they usually didn't have any shot of scoring either.

i can always say i'm possibly the only d-lineman that was called a disgrace for recovering a fumble(long story about a few seconds) :D hey, why not be like brian kingman was? :D

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i can always say i'm possibly the only d-lineman that was called a disgrace for recovering a fumble(long story about a few seconds) :

I am intrigued. What's the story, Discrim?

Yeah, as a D lineman, i must hear this story

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well, even though it'd been two years since I made that post, and the incident happened in 1999, the memory's still pretty fresh in my mind :hockeysmiley: so here goes:

I was a junior that year, and I was playing on JV cus we had a severe shortage of sophomores and a boatload of linemen. Shoot, I still have a couple scars on my hand from the first game that year

Getting to the point, it was the second quarter of our game against archrival Park, and we were down 14-0 with less than two minutes left. It was Park's ball around their 20, and their QB fumbled as one of our LBs sacked him. Though I didn't realize it at the time, there lay the gateway to an easy score.

As you probably know from practice, bucfan, we linemen are taught to fall on the ball if it's loose; and most coaches will point to Leon Lett's Thanksgiving snowcapade as reason not to try and be the hero, so I did what I'd been taught: I fell on the ball. I wish the HS rules allowed me to advance teh ball rather than be ruled down, cus our pathetic offense couldn't punch it in and we ended up losing 21-0 (not that 21-7 would've made much of a difference).

Both JV coaches gave me a bit of a hard time about it, the varsity coaches razzed me as I headed to the sideline, and I'd heard that the crowd was about to let out as big a cheer as you're gonna get at a JV game, only for me to let em down :therock: the next day, a couple friends from the basketball team joined in on the ribbing. It was one of those guys who called me a disgrace, cus they woulda tried to be the hero (and might have looked like Leon Lett in doing so).

I know one thing, though, a touchdown was the furthest thing from my mind, I was just looking ot get in on a rare (for me) sack to go with an incredibly easy tackle I'd gotten earlier when Park's line botched a trap and left me to take their back down...easy like Sunday morning.

For the hell of it, I'll throw in my adventure in pass coverage :D which happened the next season, against our other archrival, Horlick. This was the second of five varsity games I started that year, and first time I started a varsity home game, so I really wanted to win this game. There had been heavy rains the whole week, but it stopped about a half hour befroe the game started (lucky freshmen, they got to play in a freakin' downpour the day before). Regardless, the field was damn near a mudpit so the ball was gonna be wet for most of the game. The latter was an advantage to us cus Horlick was a no-huddling, pass-happy team at the time (the scheme was eerily similar to Northwestern's then).

Anyway, it was the second quarter and we were down 7-0, I believe. Fast forward to Madden 06, if you aint played that yet tehre's a new practice feature in franchise wehre you can practice against certain plays, hopefully doing well enough against said plays that you know when they're coming on Sunday. Rewinding back to the game, they tried to run a middle screen of sorts, and their line made no attempt to disguise it-rather, they tipped it off right away. How? Easy-they were dropping back to block way too fast for it to be a regular pass, and not a damn one of em pulled, so I did something I'd never done before and haven't done since-I dropped back into zone coverage :D sure enough, the pass was coming my way (dumbest QB this side of Ryan Leaf, I tell ya), and I almost had the pick...the bad news was it was a bit too high for me to pick off cleanly, but the good news was I was able to deflect it enough that their guys couldn't do anything with it. I probably shoulda picked it off though, cus we were victim of two other factors: our pathetic offense (our two scores were both off interceptions, one of which happened while I was knocked out briefly after being headbutted) and the fact that Horlick had the rarest commodity in high school football: a real kicker. His kick hit the crossbar, got a lucky bounce and thus that 47-yard field goal beat us 13-12 :cursing:

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