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Best Secondary Logos


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Here's my Top 5 secondary logos in pro sports:

In no particular order (except for the Blackhawks #1 always):

-Chicago Blackhawks Tomahawks Logo: A classic from the late 50's. None better.

-New York Knicks NYK subway token: You only "get it" if you are from New York City.

-Celtics shamrock circle: Hard to go wrong with a shamrock for the Celtics.

-NY Yankees logo: It's good...but 26 World Championships make it a classic.

-Cardinals interlocking STL... Classy, timeless, fashionable,

Please give thought and give your top 5 or 10 secondaries...

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I like the Blackhawks and Celtics logos, but for me, this list starts and ends with the White Sox diamond-sock logo that is worn on the sleeves of the road and black jerseys. I think it is very classy and distinctive, even moreso than the Sox' primary logo.

When you see that logo, there is no doubting which team it represents.

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I agree with you on the Boston Celtics shamrock and the New York Knicks subway token (In 20 years are they going to have a secondary logo based off of Metrocards?).

A couple of my favorites are the Columbus Blue Jackets Civil War cap and the Phoenix Suns firebird logo.

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