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FIRST CONCEPT POST: San Diego Chargers


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Ok, I took some suggestions and here is what I've done.

1) Put smaller bolt pattern on the pant's

2) Lightened up the powder blue

3) Eliminated the inner most outline around the numbers

Oh yeah! The alternate jersey wasn't intended to look like

the hornets jersey at all. I just carried over the stripping

used in the other two over to this one to keep them in the

same frame of design. I could make the neck and cuffs

the same color as the jersey and leave the gold stripe or

change the gold stripe to powder blue. Although it might

look purpleish, the darker color is actually supposed to be

the navy that San Diego, uses already. :D


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Thanks to all who appreciate my work! It's been a design of mine for a while which

now I can put into design. I'm working on other concepts right now and as I said

before I am still learning the software. I am working on a Bills and Saints concept

so if you have any notes to throw in about what may work or any concept you want

me to take a shot at please let me know. - Thanks - bigdub81 :D

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These came out really nicely. Toning down the green in the lighter blue color worked out much nicer. I'd like to see a helmet with these unis to top it off.

Great way to introduce yourself. Well done! B)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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