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MLS expansion FC Phila


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Since Joan Laporta the president of FC Barcelona said his club is interested in being involved in Major League Soccer i thought no better time since it would be odd to only add one team in toronto. Since FC Barcelona is often seen shortened to Barca or FC Barca i thought it would be clever to call the team in Philly FC Phila.

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Ugh, please no.

I never liked the way "PHILA" looked or sounded on the old Phillies and 76ers uniforms. I like the idea of MLS in town, but who calls the city "Phila"? "Philly", yeah. Even "Illadelph" if you must. But "Phila"?

Since MLS already has an FC _____ (Dallas), they could borrow from other Euro leagues: Dynamo Philadelphia, Inter Philadelphia, Liberty City FC (as in, don't use the actual city name, but a nickname of the city)...

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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