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Confirmed florida panthers changes


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I saw the new jerseys in person today, and had the opportunity to compare them with the old ones.  The differences are even more minor than I thought.

The white jerseys, as everyone knows, are now their road unis.  The blue jerseys now become the home jerseys, while the red jerseys will serve as the third. (last season, blue was third and red was road).

The only difference on the jerseys, is that the blue and red jerseys have swapped logos.  The logo of the panther breaking the stick is now on the red jersey instead of the blue (which keeps that logo a part of their third jersey, while keeping the primary logo on the home/roads).

And that's it.  The crest for the third jerseys seems to be larger than it used to be, but otherwise, everything has stayed the same.

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Sounds like exactly what everyone thought it would be all along. In fact, I predicted it before last season after they unveiled their marketing campaign -- because it was all blue and yellow. Of course, when the NHL decided to switch home and roads, it seemed only natural they'd go with the blue as the homes. Bad choice, IMO, but oh well. Certainly can't accuse them of a money grab... no one will rush out to buy the breaking stick logo on a red jersey if they already have one of the regular ones...

I thought someone said the striping had changed, too...

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