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How to Rob(in)


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I'd already unveiled at the WAFA league board, now I share my latest act of craziness to the masses :D

basically, I had an invite to our Aussie rules fantasy league, and took it a couple days ago. Obviously that meant I needed to create an identity of some sort, so I decided to take some inspiration from the Atlanta Thrashers and use Wisconsin's state bird. With that...


the primary, as you've probably noticed, is intentionally similar in style to the Atlanta Thrashers' flying T. I may work on the head before the season starts, though, but it works well as a crest so I may keep it like this.

the secondary logo FAQ...why's that footy so lopsided, you ask? because it's an egg, silly :hockeysmiley: American robins lay eggs that color, though they havn't laid one with laces yet ;)

all uniforms-front sponsor is Rogan's Shoes, a shoestore chain primarily based in Wisconsin. back sponsor is the SC Johnson company...shoot, most all of you probably use a Johnson product every day

for any jumpers I make reference to, go to http://www.footyjumpers.com

home kit-based on West Coast Eagles away/traditional jumper


road kit-hockey bottom stripe + pinstripes


third kit


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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