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Collingwood magpies logo change?


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In the circumstances, the change is not all that appropriate because unless both flags are relocated, we will now only see the reverse of the Aussie flag...which for my money does far less for the flag's grandeur than being on the right. The protocols for displaying the flag are fine for a 3D environment, but not for 2D images like this.

(and now that I look at it...why does Collingwood's flag have horizontal stripes instead of vertical ones???)

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If it were me I'd just get rid of it altogether. Seriously, we're talking about a team based in a suburb of Australia that plays Australian Rules football in the Australian Football League, which is of interest almost exclusively to Australians and gets jack in the way of meaningful coverage outside Australia. Do they think we have a short attention span or something?  :P
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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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