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Portland Knights concept


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So a while ago I had a couple of blank hockey jerseys ordered (white and dark) in custom colours for me to play hockey in. I have yet to have them crested, and so this is the design I've come up with for them. The jerseys are the Nashville Predators jerseys, in these colors - i'll post a reply with jersey concepts soon. Anyway, C&C is encouraged and appreciated, thanks!


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While I like the colors and type choice, I had to do the "from a distance" test. That means to look at it from halfway across the room, or shrink it small and see if it's recognizable. At that point, I had trouble figuring out what the art was. Kind of looked like an old lamp, a statue or something.

Knights don't really have pointy heads (or at least THAT pointy), and I think that's what contributed to the difficulty.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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