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Seahawks Alt. Idea


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Yeah, it does look too much like a snake. It's an interesting idea to play off of their helmet, but it just doesn't look right here. I can't really think of a way to pull this off without making it look like a snake. Unless you take "SEATTLE", and have the hawk head at the end of the 2nd "E". Basically, you could have a straight line going with the tops of the S,E,T,T,E....I'm not sure what to do with the A and L though, unless they look alright connected with the top line. Just a suggestion.

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that was actually on a new era fitted cap a while ago-old logo(5+ years ago), the font may not be the same but the idea is.. It looked pretty cool.

you mean nike? but yeah! i never knew that! i guess great minds think alike afterall. :P


come to think of it, i really like the logo on that hat! i'd love to see it on a helmet!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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