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Scary Moment at Joe Louis Arena


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Yeah well luckily they had good EMS personal and now tehy can check him out and hoepfully one day he can return to the ice.

I think this situation shows how valuable knowledge of CPR is.I think when I go home for christmas I'm going to take a refresher course to keep me up to date

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If it's a medical condition, and this wasn't caused by something like a stick to the throat, then yeah, he should probably take a break. However, if this was just something cause by an injury, he should make a full recovery and then decide if wants to play again knowing it would be flukey for the same sort of cause to happen again.

I know when Pronger got hit by that puck, he collapsed and his heart stopped. He came back within a few games though. Of course, it was the puck hitting his chest, not a medical condition that caused the problem.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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