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Saintsfan challenge 3


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Okay guys, with everyone being busy and contests getting fewer and fewer entries, the saintsfan CHALLENGE is going to turn non competitive for a while. Basically periodically I will set the board a challenge and see what you guys can come up with! No voting, no winners you just do what you can! Hopefully people will be able to contribute something.

For the first of these challenges, we return to expansion/ new team Turn back the clock. I give you a new team from one of the major leagues, you create a look for the specified time given.

To begin with

Columbus Blue Jackets (NHL) from the 1960s.

have fun!

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I haven't the programs or the ability to put together a concept, but if any willing party wants to take a crack at my thoughts on a concept, that would be great.

Since it's the 60's we're dealing with, I'm thinking about a red sweater with "Columbus" descending in diagonal text, a'la the Rangers (and the original Pittsburgh Penguins') uniforms.  The text would be block print in white outlined in navy blue.  The sleeves and the bottom of the jersey would have a pair of white stripes (perhaps 2 inches thick) bordered on each side by thin strips of navy blue.  For the white sweater I am envisioning a navy circular crest with red wishbone C outlined in white.  A white ring outlined in red would encircle the crest with "Columbus" in navy arching within the top of the ring and "Blue Jackets" bowing in red within the bottom of the ring - again, kind of along the same format as the original Pens' logo.  Striping format would be the same as the red jersey except red would replace white for the thick stripes.

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Okay people here is my shot. It is sort of similar in a way to what JHollander described, except I went for a blue jumper. The team is the Blue jackets after all! And I noticed that teams didnt really change logos on home and road unis back then so both have Columbus on the jersey.



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Since I had some time at the computer today, I decided I'd toss my hat into the ring...

Somewhere between Primal's lime concept and saintsfan's Rangers/Pens inspired concept, sits mine.  My Blue Jackets 1960's concept is kind of inspired by sweaters I've seen of AHL and WHL teams from that same era.  It's kind of conservative, but without being boring -- I hope!  I've also modified the CBJ's "Inaugural Season" logo into an Ohio Ice Hockey patch, just for kicks...


As always, template and resources courtesy Roger Clemente, and original Blue Jackets logo courtesy TheSLE.

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I had time to play at work today. I like the idea of these Turn Back the Clock themes, especially for teams that haven't been around for a while. It's an interesting challenge.

I researched some old sweaters and logos (not necessarily sports logos) from the 60s to inspire me. It's an homage to one of my favorite sports logos of all time, the Hartford Whalers. I really wanted a simple retro throwback look and used letters to form the mark.


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