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Cheifs vs. Giants?


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When your colors are red and (yellow) gold, and your in-state rival looks just like the Steelers, it seems to me you have two choices:

(1) Look like the Chiefs, who, as it happens, are just a trip down I-35 from Ames.

(2) Look like USC.

Actually, they looked more like the Chiefs a few years ago before they veered into Monochromeland.

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C-H-I-E-F-S, memorize it.

Anyway, I watched the game and KU's blue looks a lot brighter than the Giants, but they have almost the same design. Not many teams have that shade of red with that shade of yellow anymore, so most basic designs with those colors will look like the Chiefs.

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I've seen stuff on here about Kansas looking like the Giants, but haven't heard about Iowa State looking like the Chiefs. Another weird thing the Kansas quarterback got the same style facemask of eli manning.... :blink:

Kansas has to have the biggest coach in all of coaching

Thats rediculous especially since the Cyclones change uniforms every 3 years.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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