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pittsburgh steelers


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I saw another topic about the steelers and I for some reason, that steel logo really stuck with me. Those hypocycloids were too cool to be inclosed by a circle. I wanted to sorta have them show up in the uniform, but not like overpowering the idea. I sorta took out the grey to in the logo, I think you don't loose to much of a beat with yellow. Anyways, here it is...



note the number font is different too


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Good work! Here's a few items..

Put the stripe back on the helmet.

Having gold trim around the steelmark instead of gray looks good.

Putting the hypocycloids on the pants I can do without; putting them on the jersey is a stroke of genius.

Try a black panel for the name on the road jersey, keeping the gold type.

Again, good work.

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Might as well chuck in my $0.02....


--The lack of a stripe on the helmet. It kinda just needs that thin golden yellow stripe on it.

--No black outline on the road nameplate. The others are correct on this one; it's really tough to read the names if they're just gold on white.

--The hypocycloids on the pants stripe. Just doesn't flow, IMHO.


--Going from gray to yellow on the circle logo.

--Un-italicizing the numbers. BIG PLUS HERE!

--Taking the logo off the front and moving the hypocycloids to where a wordmark would be on the uni. Nice touch B)

It's an extremely solid update...and yes, it's an improvement over what they have now (just by changing the numbers alone, this wins.)

I like these.

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