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What I changed in this version...

1) Brought back the old school style stripes but made the orange one's thicker on both the sleeves and the socks

2) Made a proposed alternate helmet that copies their older style with numbers on the side but added a white outline to them that wasn't previously used. And I also brought back the grey facemask ( that most posters dread )

BTW: I know it's a rule that any NFL team can only have one helmet so don't go nuts just cause' I posted two of them. It's only there for you to make your own descisions! It sucks that they can't considering it's only allowed if one of your uniforms is deemed a throwback ex: Cowboys, Chargers, Bills.

C&C :D


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awesome looking concept, i'm a big fan of what you've done putting the numbers on the helmet although the browns purists on this board are likely going to throw a fit when they see that. I can't blame them though, i'd be ticked if someone wanted to slap numbers on notre dames helmets. to each his own, excellent work though.

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The only thing added to the second helmet was the white outline around the number. Originally it was just solid brown but I outlined it so that it would be more visible on the field. I'll post another one like it later but with a white facemask on it.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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