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South Carolina Gamecocks


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In this new concept I did for the University of South Carolina Gamecocks, A: I did a new font style with the wordmarks and the numbers. used the same striping on the sleeves, but added new striping down the side , kinda like what the charlotte bobcats have now on the side. C&C. Thanks.





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This is a pretty slick design. I am not too sure about the name on the pant stripe, but I think I would need to see it in 3-D before I knew for sure.

USC should go more with the garnet instead of the black. That color is so unique while black unis are a dime a dozen.

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The white helmets are the only workable shell color for the Gamecocks' helmets. Since the logo is a black "C" and a garnet/black gamecock, a light-colored shell is needed as a background to make the logo stand up. The bird and "C" get lost against a darker background.

Overall, a good concept. But when I see that font, I think Wisconsin, Missouri or Maryland (even though those schools only use the font (Aachen?) on their basketball uniforms - maybe they should be on the football jerseys in the name of schoolwide uniformity like Colorado?).

And these don't correct the other major issue with their jerseys - the "CAROLINA". I realize that going by "USC" doesn't work for the school either (even though the school is older than Southern Cal), but there is a school a couple hours north of Columbia that goes by "Carolina" and is more prominent, with a larger national following. South Carolina could get by without the "CAROLINA" - the color scheme and mascot are both unique enough that they're readily identifiable, and they're not fooling anyone calling themselves "CAROLINA".

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