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Atlanta falcons go with all-black unis...

Brian in Boston

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As most everyone is probably aware of at this point, the Atlanta Falcons have become the latest NFL franchise to go with a mononchromatic jersey/pants combination. The Falcons donned black jerseys and pants for their game with the Buccaneers today.

IMHO, this is a great example of how subjective our opinions on logos/unis can be. For example, I was one of the folks who absolutely LOVED the Cincinnati Bengals' all-black look last weekend. However, the Falcons' experiment with a similar look has left me singularly unimpressed. And it's not a by-product of my being luke-warm to the Falcons' overall logo/uni redesign this year, because I think the new look is a HUGE improvement for them.

It's just a case of the Cincinnati Bengals' monochromatic look appealing to me and the Atlanta Falcons' one-color uni striking me as being... meh.

Go figure.

Brian in Boston

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I agree.  I live in Atlanta...love the new logo, but not happy with the unis already.  Now this.  

When the Bengals wore the all-blacks, to quote my wife "they look mean".  Falcons don't achieve that...they jsut look boring.

I regret the dropping of the silver pants form the unis...the black ones don't cut it.  

Maybe they should have used more red trim in the pants...they don't balance well with the jerseys.

NFL Sunday ticket...gotta love it!

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