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Discrimibattle v


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welcome to the fifth DiscrimiBattle.  all i gotta say is it's on now man!!!  here's how things are gonna go down:

1-post in this thread saying you want in.  deadline for that is 9 pm ct tomorrow.  and if you want in, make sure you can make time for this in your busy sked.

2-at that time i will put everybody's names on a list and roll some dice a few times.  after that, i will reveal the two combatants.

3-both entrants will do two concepts.  i will reveal one later in this post and the other tomorrow night.

4-voting will be conducted similar to jkrdevil's international challenge.  that will start whenever both combatants are finished with both concepts.

5-voting will go on for three days after the battle ends, and the winner will be given a free pass into the Tenth DiscrimiBattle, which will have the same format.  the sixth DiscrimiBattle, however, will be conducted as the first four have been.

so once again, in Jim Fassel's immortal words...if you want in, get in.  if you want out, get out. :unclesam:

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well, i meant to reveal one of the concepts in the earlier post, ah hell might as well tell you the first ingredient...

Michigan Wolverines football...without 'The Helmet'

in other words, show me something in maize and blue, but the famed helmet design must be gone like greyhound

all i will say about #2 for now is that it will be NHL and you won't need full gear.  just your imagination.

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if it's not too late, I'm in.

okay, everyone who's posted wanting in will be in the drawing.  the deadline for entry into the drawing, as i mentioned but will reiterate for your convenience, is 9 pm central time (10 et, 8 mt, 7 pt).  

i will unveil the second required concept after i get done with the drawing.

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alright, no more people will be accepted into this war.  i have two dice, one white and one red.  white will be read first.  and now, the following posters ready for action:

Sabres7200 (11-21)





66-i reroll

and now, the rolling of the dice.  first roll is...41!  that means combatant #1 is puckcool!!!

now for roll #2...here we go...second roll is...45!  puckcool's opponent in this battle will be GMac!!!

wayne larivee: hi, i'm wayne larivee, and for this anniversary DiscrimiBattle, we're live at the Kohl Center...the dice have spoken, puckcool will square off with GMac.  with me in the booth tonight is Bucks announcer Jon McGlocklin.

jon mcglocklin: hey wayne, glad to be here.  right now, discrim is walking up to the W with the second concept for this War.

now i shall unveil the second ingredient.  GMac, puckcool, both of your concepts will be voted on separately in much the same way that the international contest is scored.  that said, i'll break the suspense.  and you must do...

Colorado Avalanche-with a new jersey style

this jersey style doesn't have to be original, it just can't be the style that their two primary jerseys are in.  you can use their third jersey style, though...but you can't have any ranger style 'colorado,' and must use silver in some capacity if you choose that one.

sabres, jkrdevil, snowcap...thanks for entering the selection pool, see you guys next week   :)

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Just o clear this up... we post when we are done... for the michigan do we need to come up with our own helmet or just the rest of the uniform... and for both challenges doe we need both home and away or just one

alright, i'll clear a few things up:

for michigan: you need to come up with your own helmet...basically anything but what they have now (which i wouldn't trash for anything but i wanna see something new)...and you can come up with a new jersey/pants style if you want to.

for the avalanche: like i said, any uniform style except their primary home/away style.  third jersey style is allowed.

both: home and away mandatory, one alternate optional.  you post one or both when you're done...even though i wanna start voting saturday or earlier if possible, take your time.

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does anyone have any comments or suggestions before the deadline (friday night i leave for connecticut so after thusday night its final)

i tried to make the michigan concept unique to the big 10, i kept the hemlet navy, no one has a navy helmet in the big 10, and with purdue back in black, i think a maize jersey is unique to the big 10

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michigan: reminds me of the nashville predators.  i was sort of hoping you woulda used maize pants for at least the roads, but i'm glad you didn't make em bananas at home :D  gonna be like one of those game reviewers and rate these 7.2/10-a UM fan would lambast you and automatically call this crap.  fortunately, i'm a Badger fan.  Far from the best i've ever seen but also far better than the one i did several months ago.

avs: i was on the fence the first time you showed this here, now having seen a white version i'm impressed.  a small suggestion on the dark, tho-maybe gray would work for that snow instead of white...ya know, just to make it easier to tell they're dark.  7.8/10 for originality mostly, but imo the foot isn't very good as a crest, otherwise this meaningless score would be higher :)

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K sorry for the boys been trying to get a temporary server set up so I can get my portfolio online.. im actually making some money here... not much but its better than doing it for free... but with that said i would liek to unveil my entries... im not sure what I was on when came up with the helmet idea for michigan.. call it an XFL flashback... i decided to make the Avs blue more prominent not a fan of the maroon... but you will see...

Michigan Football Concept

Colorado Avalanche Concept

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and now, my review of GMac's entries:

michigan: whatever you were on, i want some too :;): reminds me of an old UW helmet or an improvement on Dartmouth's helmet. and i see you DID incorporate the leather-helmet wings...only not where people would usually see them. i probably wouldn't have immediately thought to do it that way, so i applaud you. overall 8/10 mostly for originality and use of an old Badger idea (bonus for possible UM fan sickness) :D

avs: rangers alt. jersey with less noticeable trim...i've liked the rangers alt, and i think it would work with the avs if the current uniform didn't fit them so well. anyways, i like the dominance of blue on the homes...conveys that feeling of coldness that you usually think of with the avs. but considering you're not a fan of the maroon, i find it a little strange that blue is nearly absent on the whites, though. for this 7.5/10 cus this would work with a few revisions.

anyways, we now have our entries, so voting will now start up.  the voting thread will be posted in a moment.

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