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New uniforms


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I have no problem with the Seahawks new unis, because I feel they look better than their old unis.

The Falcons and Lions are a tie for second, nothing wrong with the Lions adding black, but it's a little over rated and I feel they did better without it. The Falcons new look is different, which I like, but I'm not quite sure how much I like it.

The Bills fall under the category of "MY EYES!!!!". I severly dislike this uniforms. They are a total clash of like 10 different colors. The helmet is a different shade then the rest of the uni, and that light blue stripe running through the uniform is a major eye sore.

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The Bills, when they wear their dark jersey with the white pants, are some really good jerseys. Same with the Seahawks. The Bills white jerseys and their Monochromatic look, however, are their drawback. The Seahawks Monochromatic look is also their drawback.

The Lions ought to be ashamed for what they did to their uniforms. And the Falcons...........

...The Falcons.... Jesus...

Logo, NO!.... and uniform, NO!

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I finally got a really good look at the Lions jerseys this weekend.  Y'know, I like adding black to that combo, gives it a little more pop...

...except they did a horrible job with it.  They probably should have gone white-black-grey with the numbers, rather than white-grey-black.  The sleeves look shoddy.  And the collar... what's with that?!?!  Oy.

The helmet, though, looks incredibly sharp with that ouline added, it really does.  To think, if they'd've spent as much time making the jerseys look good....

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