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The iron chef discussion thread


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yeah I know for a fact that Kaga's role was pure fiction. his contract with fuji tv must have ran out and he chose not to sign on for another year or two. all the cooking and commentating however, isnt a stage. they were really doing battle.

what floors me is how kishi, hosoki, and fukui had to act out as if kaga really did pass on funeral attire and all. not to mention how he passed on (bad fugu!!! classic!)

now I dont know if any of you are familiar with WWE (or WWF as it used to be called), but doesnt the new chairman look dead on like matt hardy?


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Actually, the reason Kaga got killed off what because Kaga needed more time for his plays in Tokyo.

If memory serves me right, he's currently the lead role in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde over there. Naturally, there's no time for IC in his schedule. Smart way to kill him off, though.

And did anyone notice that Motoki Kaga now bites into a RED bell pepper?

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They stopped regular production of the show after the King of Iron Chefs tournament in 1999.

Since then, Kitchen Stadium has opened sporadically for the Millenium Cups in 2000-2002.

I think the 2003 one should be filming sometime soon...

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kobe likes to run his mouth when he cooks doesnt he?

I can recall several occasions when he would talk smack to the challenger directly rather then through ohta like sakai does

I cant really say I have a favorite. I like watching Morimoto because of the crazy things he whips up, and its fun watching Chen Kenichi fire up that wok and put that hot bean paste on everything.

but that michiba, damn that guy never loses!

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well in a little less then an hour on food network USA, the blue crab battle will start.

man I hope its not another sakai battle! hes beginning to annoy me!  :angry:

and on the subject of IC uniforms, I wonder what Iron Chef Mexican would be wearing!  :D

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Actually, there WAS a challenger from a Mexican restaurant wearing orange and green.

The restaurant was La Casita.

It was the Mango Battle.

The IC opponent was Kobe.

He won in a 5-0 sweep.

I have no life.

But I'm dead serious about the template.

RC, get to work! j/k

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