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New Bengals Alt Jersey


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The old Bengals uni was amazing, and probably overlooked since it had been amazing for so long. But, in reality, it was the perfect match of innovation (stripes) and solid design. It looked as though it was well though out and designed by a team of trained professionals.

The current look reminds me of something you'd see from a bunch of highly creative but not yet seasoned college designers.

Agreed all around. The last set was beautiful and classic, this one's a mess.

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This concept is pretty decent, but the more I look at it the more I start ot realize why I like the new unis. The new ones have all kinds of elements in it that make it modern and distinctive.

If you take away the white stripe down the side, change the font (which is now growing on me) and put less tiger striping (or whatever some people have suggested) it would look just like any other boring uni.

The way it is now makes it unique without being over the top.

Thank you! Thats what I've been trying to say since they came out with these. Well said. Theres no one feature that is overly outrageous, they are just original without being way over the top.

Yeah, that concept's nice and all, but what they have now is good as is.

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