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Ot: espn nhl hockey v.s. 2004


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Ok. I have hurd some people ask what is the beter buy.  I have played both and here is what I think....


This game I own.  It is just plane awsome.  So realistic but you can make it none realistic as well.  Lots of jerseys to choose from  :;):  and a hole lot of unlockables like Pond Hockey and Historic Teams.  All NHL areans are athentic with some what of the real horns.  The game play in NHL2K3 (2K4 IS ESPN) was 8\10.  In 2k4 they took the gameplay and made it a easy 10/10.  Goailes seem to be just to damn good.  Lots of low scoring games but lots of sliders to fix it.  Presintation is wicked.  ESPN makes a very nice mix with sega.

Final score 9/10

NHL 2004

I must say I was very imprest on what they did from last years game.  Gamplay all notched up from the dredful 2003.  The look of the game is good but does not have the shine of ESPN.  Crowd is 3d witch I dont realy like seeing they are all men and seem to be cloned.  Hitz does a nice job with the crowd.  Like ESPN lots of jerseys to pick from.  Arenas not like real life.  I hate there play by play when ESPN has the best ever.  EVER.

Final score 8/10

Ask me any questions and for ESPN there is a awsome page up......  www.espnhockey.com



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i noticed some were wrong but the oilers horn is bang on which i love.

espn hockey is the greatest hockey sim ever. you can play an actual game, it's so bizarre. wow. buy this game.

i wish you could do more fantasy things though like start your own team from scratch with team name, logo, uni's etc.

oh well.

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Sterling, I am sure that something like this will happen eventually - it doesn't seem too farfetched and it will likely be most effective in PC mode unless the next generation of play-decks has voice activation technology. Oh, and when this does happen, look out for an even fatter, lazier generation of kids who may never go outside except to go to the mailbox in order to pick up whatever they may have ordered online the week before.

It seems that a lot of the younger folks that are posting here who do play these games are at least balancing it out by actually participating in sports and getting exercise, but my understanding is that they're in a dwindling minority.

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Yeah, my friend jokes that he's going to revolutionize the gaming world.

He wants to market it as "The most realistic football gaming experience in the world.

WHen the kids open the box........its a football inside and a note that says....."now go play"

lol  :D

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I think the next leap to make will be (or should be) turning the focus inward instead. I call it career mode or hall of fame mode. I don't suggest it instead of franchise mode.......but as another gaming experience option.

You pick your player (maybe it's Fedorov, maybe its you) and you only play that player. No switching. Plus you are at the whim of your team...they can trade you, cut you etc. Your goal is to make the hall of fame in your given sport. It's meant to try to simulate the challenges of being a pro athlete at the top of your game for a long time. Just like you have to manage salary caps and ticket prices in Madden, you would have to manage your players time and energy...for fitness, practice time, public appearances, and salary demands. Slide one too far and the others might suffer. Slack off on the appearances, and fan support and endorsements might suffer but slack off on fitness and an injury might be more likely...and so forth. Some players might be bored or disgusted with the pace of actually having to come off the field while the defense plays, or actually take a line change...but this would merely gear more toward the hard-core role playing crowd...open up the already huge genre to more players. I can even envision a time near in the future wear more powerful systems and higher data transfer speeds allow for massive online leagues...where you actually have scheduled games and a roster spot as a ......2nd line LW for instance. Based on how you play, your career is in your hands. An administrator (commissioner) could cut you or trade you and everything.

well, it's not that far fetched...in fact, it's already been attempted by NBA Shootout, starting with last year's game and continuing with this year's coming installment. here's the main gist:

-pick a team you will try out for in Summer League

-at the end of Summer League, an NBA team might want to pick you up, or more likely you'll end up in the NBDL trying to hone your game for the NBA.

-NBA teams can offer you 10 day contracts, and if they think you can cut it, they may offer you a contract for the rest of the season. if you don't, back to the D-League.

-if you become good enough, you may wind up in the Hall of Fame...but play badly enough and not even the NBDL will want you, and you'll have to give up your dream and go back to your old job

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