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Ot: bring the jets back!


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That site has been mentioned in the Winnipeg Free Press on a few occasions, as well as interviews with city mayor Glen Murray and Manitoba Moose owner/major Winnipeg sports supporter Mark Chipman. Murray believes in the city's ability to do things that seem too tough, too unlikely, stuff we're "too small" to do... Chipman was more of a realist, and noted that a complete CBA overhaul (complete with tough salary caps, etc) would be required for Winnipeg ever to be a plausible option.

The new arena (currently under construction) will seat 15000, which is currently well below the average size of an NHL arena, but with so few teams selling out, and so many costs incurred by gigantic, empty arenas, 15000 in a few years might be a desirable size.

I am all behind the efforts of JetsOwner.com, and if I ever become a multibillionaire (even a plain old billionaire), I would be glad to be the man who brings the Jets home.

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If anybody- and I mean ANYBODY- who is from Winnepeg who wants to travel to any Coyotes games-home and away- it may not be a bad idea to create and hold a huge sign saying..."HEY WAYNE....BRING THE JETS BACK TO WINNEPEG!"in the stands! I hope Mr. Gretsky gets the message!!!!
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