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Braves win.

Take series from Mets (again.)

3 1/2 games back.

But Mets still lead the division. :D

Not for long, buddy. You see us comin, & we've been through this rodeo before. :D

Also a 1/2 game out of the WC. Heeeeeerrrrrre we commmmmmme.

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-The Orioles had an amazing 8th and 9th inning comeback after being down 5-1 to the amazing Red Sox bullpen. So what if they are 15GB.

-The Bills won 13-10 in New Orleans, It's only the pre-season, but I'll take it.

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VfL Wolfsburg 1-3 DSC Arminia Bielefeld

The Bug Makers (Wolfsburg is the sporting arm of Volkswagen) spent a team record amount of money upgrading the squad in order to challenge for the Champions League within the next 3 seasons, and even sent a spy to watch Bielefeld practices (Yes, he was caught, and for his troubles was given a starting lineup for Bielefeld by the coach and sent on his way) to ensure victory.

What they got was a pasting in which, other than a free kick in the 1st minute, they generated no offencive chances for the first hour of play, and in the mean time Bielefeld parked themselves in the Wolfsburg half and scored thrice. Bielefeld had The Usual Defencive Lapse After the Game was Sewn Up, and let one in the 84th minute, but it was for naught. :D

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We're -12 and about to bully League One into submission. Marching on together!

Wait until you get chewed up by Forest. :P

BTW, something we can all cheer, Spurs lost to Sunderland at the end of Injury time. What does 40 million quid buy you? Relegation Zone after the first day of the season. ^_^

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