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USA Hockey Concept


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really not a fan of the red alternate...

but i really like the blue and white sweaters.

Same here. The blue and white jerseys are very nice. Red just dosn't work for USA hockey, seeing as their two biggest rivals in the past have been Canada and the USSR/Russia, both of whom use red as their primary colours.

The star logo is very nice, and is a great update of the '98 star alt logo. Put this bad boy on the shoulders, and ditch the red alt, and you're perfect.

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I usually don't post on concept unis but these are very nice....I love the star logo and as most have said the red alt doesn't go well...not because of design but just because the logo blends in too much...as for the other two they are great...I would like to see the blue jersey with white arms though as opposed to the red :) maybe that for an alt...Great Job though!!!

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