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Anaheim ducks new 3rds


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As shown in this weeks Sports Business Journal, with story.


Mighty Ducks go for do-it-yourself retro

Club?s latest ?third jersey? employs more traditional look, even though team?s tradition reaches back only a decade



The team?s duck-mask icon isn?t on the jersey but is front and center in the logo with this season?s slogan.

The Anaheim Mighty Ducks are launching their third "third jersey" in franchise history, only this time, the duck has been plucked in favor of a retro look.

The team's once-popular ? but now often maligned ? duck-shaped hockey mask logo will remain the club's primary mark, but it is nowhere to be found on the new alternative jersey.

Instead, the club has gone with a classic, script-lettering approach that hearkens to images of the past, a past the decade-old franchise admittedly doesn't have.

"Being around for only 10 years, we didn't necessarily have tradition and didn't have something to go back to," said Michael Williams, the club's director of marketing. "So in essence, we had to create our own tradition and our own history with the jersey."

The team will wear the new design 16 times this season.

Williams said the new look is about "swagger" and indicates the "direction the organization is going in."

In other words, the Ducks no longer want to be viewed as a Walt Disney Co.-owned novelty. They want their brand to connote the guts and tradition-bound glory of the sport of hockey itself.

It's a major shift from 1995, when the club's first third jersey pictured a cartoon duck leaping out of a hole in the ice. Also new is an emphasis on the city name, Anaheim, a change that follows the Disney-owned Angels also adding Anaheim to their road jerseys.

Fresh off an unlikely trip to the Stanley Cup Finals, and a decision to let popular star Paul Kariya exit the club via free agency, the Ducks are doing everything they can to connect with their core fan base. The message is that the team is not so much about glitz and Hollywood trappings, and not about any one star. It's a team in the most traditional sense of the word, and one that local hockey fans should be proud to call their own. The club's slogan this season is "I am a Mighty Duck," and an ad campaign features ordinary people declaring that mantra to the camera.

The club sent 6,000 "I am a Mighty Duck" stamps to season-ticket holders, so that people can claim their allegiance whenever sending a piece of mail.

This third jersey aims to target these sorts of fans, while also seizing on fashion trends that have re-popularized classic retro looks, said Ed O'Hara, chief creative officer of SME, the New York-based design firm hired by the club.

"A market study showed their core fans are made up of die-hard NHL fans," O'Hara said. "They love hockey, grew up with the game. A lot of them are transplants from Northern cities or Canadian cities. I don't think they really enjoyed the name."

SME designed the new third jerseys for the Ducks as well as for three recent NHL expansion teams that will debut third jerseys for the first time this season ? Columbus, Minnesota and Atlanta.

Through last season, 30 different third jerseys have been used by NHL clubs since the 1995-96 season, when the Ducks and Boston Bruins were the first to sport alternative sweaters.

Williams said the de-emphasis of the cartoon icon and the name of the team itself has nothing to do with Disney's attempts to sell the team.

"We wanted to make this statement no matter who the ownership is," he said.

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Very disappointing.  This might make those Sharks thirds look good now.From the TV angle it will look like all black with silver stripes.  Not pretty.  Put some jade in there if you're gonna keep those brutal things.  Can't wait to see the Wild's thirds.
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I almost really like them.... I agree that they're too dark, and jade would help that, but the wormark is cool as hell, and this is one of the few new jerseys to actually call for a laced collar.

They are okay but I agree that there should have been some jade in the colour scheme as well.  It could have been done simply by using jade numbers with white and silver outlines or white numbers with jade and silver outlines.

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Not bad. I have no problems with them at first glance. Yes, a bit like the old LA Kings. I guess a more unique font for the numbers would have been nice, but I OK with it overall.

Better than my reaction to the Islanders and especially Flyers last year, that's for certain.


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