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Saintsfan challenge 4


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Same format for this challenge as the last, we will start it up as just a friendly non-competetive thing, if there are enough good entries I'll put up a poll later (and just as a reminder, still time to vote for the Blue Jackets TBTCs).

This time your challenge is to create a uniform for the newest major league team, the Charlotte Bobcats as if they had been in the ABA. This could be interesting as other than a logo and colors you don't have much to work with so far.

Looking for ABA inspiration? try here


So to sum up this weeks challenge is

Charlotte Bobcats in ABA (60s/70s)

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That CB combination is hellaciously creative. Nice job.

Hear hear!

From someone who actually remembers the ABA, I can tell you that this uniform is VERY ABA. Nice job on the logo and the font selection.

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