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Madden 2004

Mac the Knife

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I was just wondering if anyone here had goofed around with the uniform/field design features in Madden 2004 to come up with anything interesting, and if they'd share either pics of the looks, or maybe even the actual files so others could download and have some fun with 'em.

I recently took a turn at it myself, reviving the LA Express from the USFL.  Unfortunately I don't have any pics to share at the moment, but if you'd like to DL the files, I've posted them at:  www.dpmonline.com/madden2004/

I'll also offer anyone who wants to have their files uploaded to that directory to do so.  Just e-mail me yours with a brief explanation to madden2k4 @ coltsport.com.  Then we can all share!

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is there a way you can create stuff like this and make the file transferable to a PS2, ive always wanted to do it, but i can only find rosters and stuff for PS2 dowload, i know there is a way, i have a Sharkport, which allows me to send files to my PS2 but never known how to make them  :(
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Are you doing it through the game itself, or is there a way to alter the images directly?  With the NHL series of games, you can put PNG files into their pack files to put anything you want into the game.
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I rented it for PS2. I did fool around with the ever so crappy uni editor. For obvious reasons, I cant upload screen shots, but here's what I did so far.

Tampa Bay

1.) Pewter jersey / pewter pants

2.) Pewter jersey / white pants

3.) Black jersey / pewter pants

4.) Black jersey / white pants


1.) Blue jersey / orange pants

2.) White jersey / orange pants

3.) Orange jersey / blue pants

4.) Orange jersey / white pants


1.) Blue jersey / blue pants

2.) White jersey / white pants

3.) Red jersey / blue pants

4.) Red jersey / white pants


1.) Light blue jersey / dark blue pants

2.) Light blue jersey / white pants

3.) Dark blue jersey / dark blue pants

4.) Red jersey / dark blue pants

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