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Another mlb postseason...


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Baseball is clearly broken. the public just doesnt care anymore. its gonna continue to go downhill until its over. i mean, the popularity will spike, sure. a Cubs-Red Sox world series would be huge, as will Bonds' now inevitable breaking of Aaron's record. but the fact remains, baseball is dying. the united states public just doesnt have the attention span for 9 innings and 162 games.

we've all heard arguments on WHY baseball is dying. what i wanna talk about is how to fix it. how does the MLB sell baseball to the playstation generation? rule changes? contraction? re-alignment? you're the comissioner, how would you fix it?

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How do I fix baseball quickly?

Shorten the regular season and increase the amount of playoff teams.

Yes it devalues the worth of a playoff spot, but c'mon, baseball is clearly struggling everywhere.

Do you really think the Jays would've drawn 20,000 a game in September while they were fighting for one of the final playoff spots?  Same goes for Montreal, and I'm sure most of the other cities across the league.

It would work too, MLB would like it... more fans + more playoff games = more money, and the mlbpa would like it because the players play fewer games but get the same amount of money.

Another radical idea would be to make baseball like football and have a seperate squad play defense, and offence, this would allow managers to play their 9 best hitters, and 9 best fielders, making games a little more exciting!  MLBPA likes it because rosters increase by a lot, and MLB would like it because it's untraditional   :D

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I dont like the idea of 8 teams in the playoffs, but eventually it may have to be done to make teams more money, but I dont see it coming for atleast 10 years. I think the NFL will have to go 8 before baseball can justify it arguing they are simply catching up other sports.

Seperate squad will never work 1 DH is bad enough, besides most players shoudl be able to be able to play both defense and offense, and increasing rosters by that much will make the owners go bankrupt trying to reach the Yankees Billion Dollar payroll.

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I don't think the game itself needs to be fixed. Although I think they need to present it better. The big thing is the playoff games.

1.) They go to long, and it's not because of play, it's because there is a million commercials. A regular season game that starts at the same time would end an hour earlier. Cut down the advertisement and charge more. Also, start the games at 7, I don't think haveing the game start an hour before primetime will have a negative impact, it wiould help because the games would get over earlier.

2.) Fire the Fox Announcers. If baseball wanted to they could make Fox fire Buck and McCarver. These guys are idiots and have no buisness being on tv. The only reason why Joe Buck is on the air because Jack Buck is his father. McCarver I have no idea why anyone hired him at all, his points are either obvious or wrong, plus whenever he does a Yankees game he tries to bash them everyway he can because he was fired by them. If baseball wants to pick up the casual sports fan, they need to have fox get rid of these guys, whenever they're doing a non Yankee game, I allways turn the channel.

3.) Stop talking about all the negitive stuff. Baseball should stop talking about everything wrong with baseball. Talk about all the positives and solve the problems behind closed doors. It's called selling the sport and they're doing a horrible job.

That's all I got for now.

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ha, i just found this on my computer. its something i wrote just after last years MLB postseason. it outlines my solution to fixing baseball. canning selig.

An open letter to Comissioner Allan "Bud" Selig:

Mr. Selig, please resign, you have take America's Pastime and run it into the ground. In case you havent noticed, baseball is struggling. Attendance is falling fast, TV ratings are at thier lowest point ever, and public apathy is at epidemic heights. Why is this the case? Because you and the current ruling class of baseball have lost touch with reality. you seem to care nothing for the fan, and only for your own pocketbooks.

You have allowed a privliged few to run the league and sign all good players. no one wants to watch a sport where only 10 teams have a reasonable shot to win. the sucess of the NFL is a testament to this fact. any year any team can make it. this is due to a salary cap and revenue sharing, something baseball has not even considered implementing. the luxury tax will help, but it doesnt go  far enough. thankfully this past year, several teams built the right way made a good run, but no one noticed, which brings me to my next point.

You have ruined baseball's two biggest stages, the All Star Game and the World Series. The All Star Game tie debacle was in my opinion baseball's lowest point. You took one of the greatest All Star Game's ever played and turned into a farce. Furthermore you refused to name an MVP, and give out the first Ted Williams trophy. As far as the World Series is concerned, you still allow games to start at rediculous hours alienating most fans. how can we create a new generation of baseball fans if the game start after thier bedtimes? This year's World Series was fantastic, yet no one watched. Kids cant stay up late, and niether can adults for that matter. get a clue and start the games earlier.

You have continued to preserve "tradition" at the cost of the game. games go on too long and the season has too many games. in a generation of fans raised on playstaion and fast food, no one has the time to wait for the lesiurly pace of baseball. its a shame, but its how it is. eliminate unessecary delays, cut games of the season, and make the game appealing to this generation. the generation that grew up playing baseball in the street is dying, and with them the game might be dying as well. football provides more drama, hockey provides more tradition, and basketball provides more convienience. baseball is the odd man out.

You have continued the unessecary and rediculous ban of Pete Rose. the ironic thing is that Rose has achieved greater fame outside of Cooperstown then he would in it.

You have denied the Washington area of the team it rightfully deserves.

Mr. Selig, resign and save the game of baseball! i want my kids to know the beauty of the glorious game, and with you in charge, that wont happen.

-Mike P Tiufekchiev

my solutions are simple.

1) i dont think contraction is the answer, but the MLB must be more competitavly balanced. put in a salary cap and revenue sharing.

2) shorten the games, put in a pitch clock, limit the amount of timeouts a batter has, limit warmup pitches, limit TV timeouts

3) appeal to the younger generation. make world series games roughly the same time as the super bowl (5-6 PM)

thats all i have now without making drastic rule changes. but let me know if u wanna hear some of those.

i love baseball, i dont want it to die. but it just may

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It  would be a long painful death if it does die!

Coming at it from an english perspective

1. tradition counts in baseball. keep the playoffs as is, 8 playoff spots a year is fine.

2. A meaningful salary cap. At the moment, the strong get stronger, as the week lag behind.

3. No contraction, take it off the table completely. Why should a team be forced to fold because of how badly the league is run?

4. A new, youngish commish. My guess is that  a lot of youngsters see baseball as an old mans game.

5. Shorten the season. 162 games???? Thats nearly a game a day. People can't afford to go to every game, and why should they when there team isn't in contention. 82 games should be enough surely.

6. Teams need stronger identities, so as earth shattering as it would be, rather than gray road unis, let the teams were colored road unis.

7. Leave the rules of the game alone. Guys wanna play the same game Babe Ruth played (or near enough, as obviously rules have been tinkered with since then). Sure speed the game up, and a pitch clock is a good idea, but leave the rules alone.

Where do I apply to for the commisioners job? (I couldn't do a worse job surely?)

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My suggestions to fix baseball:

1st- is they need to fire Seliq and hirer someone who will promote baseball. A George Will or Tommy Larasoda or Frank Robinson or a combo of all three.

George understands the whole game and really would have the games interests in mind.  

Larasoda is media friendly and bleeds baseball (Dodger baseball now, but I am sure that would shift quickly if representing all of baseball)

Robinson, gives you the minority leadership baseball has struggled to give oppurnity to. Plus he has a past history on the field, in the front office and in the league office. Plus he is a wealth of baseball knowledge to do thing right. (This would be my pick.)

2nd- Give the new commish some teeth.  Allow him to have power over the owners and stop teams like the Reds from letting all their talent go to same money. The Reds situation is not fair to the fans, who built the team a stadium. This is just one example of bad owners claiming poor then not up holding their end of the deal.

3rd- Place a third team in New York. Making the New York a 3 market team would move them closer to population base of other teams. IE: Back to Brooklyn.

4th-  Keep current taxation on high payrolls with the money going to lower payroll teams. BUT... that money paid to those teams has to be spent on players salary or it is returned to MLB Players Association as a form of profit sharing to be divided among the 55% of the lowest paid players + 10% of that money going to veterans retirement fund. This means you cannot put the money in the owners pocket. players (past and present) get a form of profit sharing

5th- Fire FOX sports. They do more damage then good. This is not hockey, nascar, football or basketball. Baseball is a past time and it is ok for their to be silence and little to know graphics.

6th- No need to speed up games. Just lower ticket prices for fans to go.

7th- Open the books for review of players association, and not publish players salaries in the paper.  

8th- Make players spent 15 minutes a before games sign autographs.

This would be just the start.

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Larasoda is media friendly and bleeds baseball (Dodger baseball now, but I am sure that would shift quickly if representing all of baseball)

which is why he should be BANNED from baseball!  :angry:

(they keep pete rose out but let this piece of garbage stay? atrocious)

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