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The Brewers Ball in Glove still has secrets


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Well, this is the first time that I realized that this glove is made up of the letters "m" and "b". I feel like such a fool... but then again, it took me forever to realize that the Montreal Expo's logo was a M in multi-coloured stripes.

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No, the Brewers! They've been in the American League since 1901. And this rumor they'll move to St. Louis is hooey.

I wouldnt count on this upstart American League to last very long, just a flash in the pan.

Just like that wretched horseless carriage. Whippersnappers...

Mark it... the beaten horse is officially pronounced dead at 5.13p, EST, 21 January 2006. No autopsy requested. Owner notified.


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I can't lie. I've never seen the "MB" in that thing. I always thought it was "BM" and was simply implying what human function the quality of brewers baseball most resembled.

comparing the glove logo to a BM........how fitting


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