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Another round of jd's trivia


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But I thought the Cubs hadn't advanced in the playoffs since 1908.

I'm gonna take a Prize as a hint and say the Twins. Then I'm gonna realize that that would put them in the same league, assuming Ruth was a Yankee at these teams, and run away.

It was the Cubs.  Before the Leagues were split into divisions in 1969, there were no playoffs...regular season champs of the NL and AL went right to the world series.

And back then, the Twins were the original Washington Senators.

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The Cubs have been to the  playoffs a few times since then, but they had not won a series until now.  They won their division in 1984 and 1989, and won the wild card in 1998.  They lost in the first round every time (NLCS in 84, 89 and NLDS in 98).  They haven't been to the World Series since 1945, though.
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