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These are a bunch of jerseys I came up with when I was doing a re-design project for NHL 2002. I lost a lot of these when I was two or three teams away from being finished because of a virus. The blank spaces are either teams I hadn't finished or never got to put the jerseys I had finished on to the grid. Some aren't entirely "fantasy" but recolors of current jerseys, or just out right replicas, but most are entirely fantasy (save for the logos). Please enjoy. :)


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Very interesting, I like the uniqueness you have given to each team, while I still like some of those teams existing jerseys more, your concepts are PRETTY DAMN GOOD. Great job man, I REALLY like that Flyers alt with the liberty bell on it, I think thats the best one there that would look awesome as a real jersey.

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Great Job!! most hockey fans tend to be traditionalists (too much if you ask me :D) but I'm a hockey fan and I'm not...I like evolving a sport (unis and logos and such) and I have to say these are well thought out...I'm particularly loving the Ducks alt...given they are changing there scheme I'd like to see that thought into it...but they are changing the logo there so it'd be too much of a guessing game...anyway I'm an avid Devils fan and so I can really only critique that one...the third is great but I'd lose the gradient and make the alt logo resemble a "D" just a little more (I'm assuming that's what you were going for) much like the Zephr (i think) hat they have on www.lids.com...just my two cents...great work all around though!!

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Thanks for sharing this with us, you've definitely got some interesting designs there. BTW, from one fellow modder to another, isn't it amazing we ever worked that small (especially when compared with what's being released today)?

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Some unusual templates--some of them work for me, others don't

For example--all the Bruins ones--I'd like to see all of them in the game.

The stripes look good in realtionship to the colours and the logo.

But the Black Hawk ones don't suit the logo.

Overall some nice work--even if I like most of the actual jerseys better...

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All of these are absolutely amazing, so I'll point out some of my favourites:

Dallas Stars set: The home/road are awesome but the ALTERNATE is freakin' amazing!

New Jersey Devils alternate: great job on a new age type logo

Pittsburgh Penguins full set: All of 'em are amazing, especially the last 2

Tampa Bay Lightning set: huge, huge improvement over what they currently wear, love the lightning bolt comin out of the jersey

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Wow, im not sure how many times ive commented on hockey stuff but I guess regardless of my interest in the sport, I can aprreciate great designs. I'm sure that this is a hockey purists wort nightmare, but these are incredibly unique. I think that the Red Wings, Rangers, and Caps logos are tight, and that the Sharks "fin", Wild, Blue Jackets, and the Coyotes "arizona clothe or whatever" design are AMAZING. Welcome to the boards, this is quite a start IMO!

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I love, love, love your Bruins concepts with brown either replacing black or relegating black to an acent colour. I've long hoped the Bruins would go back to their original brown and let every other NHL team abuse the use of black.

Good job!!!

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- logodawg86 - Thank you.

- Neon_Matrix - I've actually sent that Flyers design to the team (I sent out concepts to about 18 or so teams) and I heard back from the Flyers (which was when they still had their current third still in the works) and the only other team to respond were the Redwings, asking for a larger preview of something similar to the "D" jersey on the original image. The Flyers Liberty Bell jersey is actually one of my favorites as well. Thank you.

- UnderDogX - Thank you very much. I may actually do another NHL concept with new or "touched up" designs so I will surely keep the Devils "D" logo in mind. It's a great idea. I was actually doing for a "J" for Jersey, but if I can pull off a "D" it would probably be a lot better.

- Moser316 - I remember the days of working in those sizes, but nowadays (for the last 3 or 4 years at least) I've been making my jerseys in 4x (the size of above) but I just shrink them down for previews and 2002 (which is one of the easiest NHL series games to mod). I mostly do stuff for my sim league though. Thanks.

- rtrich11 - Well, most of the "different" logos I cannot take too much credit for. The bear on the Bruins shirts is something someone offered to me to try a long time ago and I just thought it was a better fit than the brown bear. The one Sabres logo is a combo of their old style buffalo and the newer swords, just recolored and such. The two Redwings logos I believe are one) a minor league team's (somewhere) logo, modified slightly and the old Detroit Cougars "D." The Oilers "sprocket" (in the similar style of their primary) I can actually take credit for. It was something I thought might be kind of cool; a meshing of classic and new (of their current third jersey). The modified Rangers Liberty head is just something odd I came up with one night. I also believe the Flyers Liberty Bell logo is a modified logo of another obscure minor league team. The gecko on the Coyotes jersey is the same logo from the shoulders of their old green third jersey. The two Lightning logos (which, sadly, I lost when I lost a bunch of my jerseys about a year + ago) are modified versions of their current logos. I think they looked more fitting in my style. Lastly, the Capitals eagle head/flag logo is another obscure eagle head logo coupled with a flag design in attempts to be similar to the proposed Capitals jerseys from a couple years ago.

- lilben777 - Thank you. I don't believe it is actually possible to convert 2002 to 2003 because 2003 uses larger jersey files as well as a vastly different template. I only dabbled into 2003 modding a few years ago and got out very quickly... mainly because I thought 2003 was terrible. :P

- Coast2CoastAM2006 - Thanks a lot.

- steiny_ramone - Nothing wrong with being a traditionalist. Thanks for the comments though. :)

- MotownMadman11 - Thanks much.

- hitman1jgl - Thanks a lot. You know, my favorite part about the Flyers home and away is the fact that it blends the traditional Flyers design with a newer age curves and an actual lower torso design.

- benpc21 - Thank you.

- Delayed_Penalty - Thanks. I originally did that brown Bruins jersey yellow, but ended up liking the brown a lot more.

- B-mer - I knew someone gave it to me (like a mentioned above). Thanks again. And yeah, I'm still around... in a lesser sense, but around.

- Stampman - I'll try to find some in game previews of the Bruins ones and post them. As for the Hawks, I can understand the first two, but the last three are actually my favorite ones. They, again, play off of tradition and new age. With the socks and such, they look pretty nice as a whole uniform. Thanks.

- BCBoy - Yeah, I really like the Dallas third as well. It sures kicks the crud out of the Mooterus :P My favorite Penguins shirt is the third. For some reason the design has a real "penguin" feel to it. The Lightning jerseys are actually one of the jerseys I'm most disappointed about losing. I did actually remake them, once I got my computer up and running and used them in my sim league for a team called the Sedona Thunder, but if I ever get around to designing thos logos again, I'll probably do it in the Tampa Bay colors again. Thank you.

- PhilaLogos - The Coyotes home and away are a pair of jerseys I'm actually really proud of. You are right though, it is a traditionalists worst nightmare and although it seems quite a bit wild and out there, I love how it has a real desert feel to it. Thank you.

- HurricaneDavid - The lizard is actually from the shoulders of the Coyotes old third jersey. Since I own the sweater I decided to try and draw it up so I could try it on a jersey.


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