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Peterborough Petes


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I just went to my 2nd Petes game in 2 weeks and I bought myself a flag and it is the maroon and white...but with some black. So I thought with the success of the third jersey, could they possibly be incorperating black into the colour scheme full time next season? So I decided to make my own concepts, based off the flag, and below is what I came up with. Mind you, I stole Chris's templates for the Petes jerserys and just coloured them how I pleased.

I just decided to remove that ugly ass shoulder logo and forgot to put numbers on the arm, and I just outlined the "Petes" in black.

So tell me what you think!





Alt 1


Alt 2


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awww my petes are back alive, nice job... perfect.

Well, they are the top team in the OHL right now...so they are doing something right. I like the jerseys as they are now (execpt for that fugly shoulder patch!) and if they do add black next season, I hope this is how they would do it. I like their current 3rd jersey, but I dont think it could still read "50 years" in the 51st year. I'm glad you like them, the 2 tone is better, but hey, if the Wings could add black into their jersey, why cant the Petes?

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I got bored and dug these up... and I have realised how sometimes black really can change a teams look. If the Petes were to add black... it would take away a little piece of their identity, that of being a classic team with a true classic look (apart from that god awful shoulder logo!!). Now with the OHL going to Edge jerseys in 2 years... I am thinking it is very possible the a Petes redesign could be in the works, one involving black. Although at the time I liked these jerseys a lot... now... I don't think I do...

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