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Augusta Spartans Identity Package


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The Augusta franchise of the AIFL has finally "officially" released its identity package.

SKYE DESIGN STUDIOS was given the opportunity to design the identity package for the Spartans by subcontracting under Evivid-Solutions.

The focus of this package was to give the Spartans a classic football brand that reflected aspects of traditional Greek legend as well as the modern flair of professional indoor football.

The color scheme is Scarlet, deep Crimson, Gold and Black. Olive branches (Greek symbol for athletics), vintage alpha "A", and a "chiseled" custom wordmark (ancient Greek sculpture/architectural style) give the package an authentic foundation.

Comments welcome as always guys. Thanks again to John of Evivid as well as Chris for this opportuntity.


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I appreciate the comments guys.

The SC comment nailed it on the head. so many "trojan/spartan" logos seem to be built around the same general pose.

I tried to design a logo that created its own personality in these regards, for example, incorporating the flowing cape as well as breastplate into the rendering.

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