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Colorado Crush numbers


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I searched the boards for this, but nothing came up, so my apologies if this has been covered and I missed.

I noticed today while watching the Colorado Crush-Georgia Force AFL matchup that the Crush have changed their number font. They used to have the Banco (I believe that's the name of the font) numbers ...


... but now they've switched to standard block numbers (don't have a photo of that).

I'm not sure when the switch happened, but I've got mixed feelings about. The block numbers are far more legible, but I thought their old numbers were very unique.

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yes they did:


the funny thing is though, they are still wearing the last year's number font on the home jerseys. from last week:


here is a pic from today. besides the numbers, there is another change - the blue striping instead of the khaki:


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I'd been wondering about that...and all this time I was thinking they got the number wrong on that guy's jersey in the EA commercial.

Ditto. At first, I thought it was a Storm jersey on that guy in the commercial...then I noticed the shoulder design.

Why is it that the Storm and Crush have distinctly different away jerseys? And wouldn't it make sense for the Crush to wear the home khaki pants on the road now (since all the striping is navy)?? I liked the new numbers on the Crush away set, but it's boring compared to the Banco (?) numbers.

The one version away/different version home is strange. It's really similar to the NHL.

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