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1986 Mets 20th anniversary


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In an effort to sell more tickets, the Mets are going to be honoring their 1986 championship team throughout the season this year. Their website has a logo for the team's 20th anniversary here:

'86 anniversary logo

I don't like that they actually made a logo for this, but I do like the logo itself. It is in the style of the 25th anniversary logo used during the '86 season.

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I find it odd commemorating a championship year. I think it's great to hang banners for every year you've won, but to designate a season as the anniversary year. I mean, imagine if the Yankees did that. Every year would be some anniversary. Just put banners up with the team logo and the WS logo of that season. No need for patches and stuff.

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The Mariners did the same thing last year with the 10th Anniversary of the 1995 Division Champs. Not even a World Series to commemorate, but hey, you gotta find some history to celebrate! They didn't use it as a patch or anything, just more of a marketing thing.


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If it is a sleeve patch, it's a billion times better than the nonsense they wore in 2004:


Maybe but that patch from 2004 was an updating of a the patch they wore in 1964 to celebrate the 1964-1965 World's Fair.

1964 patch:


2004 Patch:


The players on the 2004 patch represent the 'neon' ballplayers on the facade of Shea.

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Here's another view of the logo:


The text on the bottom is bad. From a distance, the swash on the W runs into the 2 and makes it look like a 3. At first I thought "30th Anniversary... someone needs to go back to grade school".

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