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Week 6 nfl picks


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Carolina 16 at INDIANAPOLIS 24

CHICAGO 17 at New Orleans 13

Houston 17 at TENNESSEE 27

Kansas City 27 at GREEN BAY 31

Miami 10 at JACKSONVILLE 13

N.Y. GIANTS 20 at New England 14

OAKLAND 13 at Cleveland 7

PHILADELPHIA 24 at Dallas 13

TAMPA BAY 34 at Washington 16

BALTIMORE 23 at Arizona 10

Buffalo 28 at N.Y. Jets 20

PITTSBURGH 27 at Denver 24

SAN FRANSISCO 24 at Seattle 21

Atlanta 14 at ST. LOUIS 41

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Let's critique. 1 pt for picking the correct winner. 1/2 pt for having the closer score (in terms of points of actual final score).

Carolina at Indianapolis

STL: 16-24

Tank: 13-31

Actual: 23-20

You both lost, but STL's 8 point Indy win was closer. STL by 1/2.

Chicago at New Orleans

STL: 17-13

Tank: 17-27

Actual: 13-20

Tank got the win right, but you were both equally close to the final score. Tank by 1/2.

Houston at Tennessee

STL: 17-27

Tank: 13-38

Actual: 17-38

You both get the win, but Tank was only 4 pts off on the score. Tank leads by 1

Kansas City at Green Bay

STL: 27-31

Tank: 27-31

Actual: 40-34

Guessing the exact same score leaves Tank ahead by 1.

Miami at Jacksonville

STL: 10-13

Tank: 24-13

Actual: 24-10

Tank gets the win and the score. Tank takes a 2 1/2 lead.

NY Giants at New England

STL: 20-14

Tank: 20-27

Actual: 6-17

Tank picks the winner, STL has the closer score. Tank leads by 3.

Oakland at Cleveland

STL: 13-7

Tank: 17-27

Actual: 7-13

Again Tank gets the win as STL just had the score flipped. Tank +3 1/2.

Philadelphia at Dallas

STL: 24-13

Tank: 27-10

Actual: 21-23

You both lose, but STL grabs the half-point. Tank's lead is 3.

Tampa Bay at Washington

STL: 34-16

Tank: 20-7

Actual: 35-13

The wins cancel, but Tank couldn't foresee the offensive outburst that STL did. Tank's lead shrinks to 2 1/2.

Baltimore at Arizona

STL: 23-10

Tank: 20-24

Actual: 26-18

STL picks the winner, and grabs the score by a hair. STL jumps to within 1.

Buffalo at NY Jets

STL: 28-20

Tank: 30-13

Actual: 3-30

Neither of you saw this coming, but STL got closer to both team's scores. Tank's is now a slim 1/2.

Pittsburgh at Denver

STL: 27-24

Tank: 16-38

Actual: 14-17

Tank's got the win, STL's got the score, Tank's got a 1 pt lead again.

San Francisco at Seattle

STL: 24-21

Tank: 10-38

Actual: 19-20

In what's becoming a weird tradition, Tank gets the win, and STL snags the points. Unfortunately for STL, the W is more important. Tank +1 1/2.

Atlanta at St. Louis

STL: 16-24

Tank: 20-28

Actual: To Be Determined

By having picked the same team to win, Tank guarantees a head-to-head victory in week 6, but if STL can make it a 1 pt loss, it could help him down the road...

Tune in tomorrow.

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...and finally

Atlanta at St. Louis

STL:    16-24

Tank:   20-28

Actual: 0-36

You both get the win, and you were both equally close to the score. As such, Tank escapes with a 1 1/2 point win in week 6.

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