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Go Heels!


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If it comes down to the final possession for UNC, I don't like their chances. Not with Sheldon Williams: King of the late-game no call sitting downlow. Their first conference loss should've been against FSU.

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Nope, not this time. Not until the Heels learn to respect and protect the basketball. Twnety-plus turnovers three games in a row barely gets you past most ACC teams. It absolutely kills you against dook. Especially when you give the ball up the first 6 times you get it in the 2nd half. Take away those 9 gift points, the story and outcome are markedly different.

At least the tide should turn beginning next year. No JJ, no Shelden... Paulus couldn't have looked more terrified touching the ball... and UNC's recruiting class looks ultraserious.

Oh, to go back a few years - UNC beat dook 7 out of 8 when I was in school. Was it that long ago? :unsure:

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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