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you're going to think that all i do is critique your work, but i'm actually really looking forward to seeing each of these...they're great

for some reason the image isn't showing up on my computer right now, so i'm going to try and do this from memory from when i saw it at lunch today (didn't have time to post)

behind your bison wordmark there was a sun...the wordmark should extend beyond the outside borders so that the top of the wordmark forms a horizon...the serifs on the B and the N look like an extension of the outside line of the sun right now

if memory serves me, there was something funky going on with the S and O in bison, as well - there might be a purpose, but i don't get it...if there is no purpose or meaning, make this a more traditional S and O and lose the horizontal bar

i seem to recall thinking the bison face could use a bit more detail

edit: i can see the image now, and i don't think it needs more facial detail

great work though! keep it up...can't wait to see the rest of these

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AS the official omaha resident, this is what i have to say..

it looks cool, but i cant see red and brown as the two main colors.....maybe make the horns a little bigger,there is lots of brown on it...i would also like to see the jerseys..nice overall

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Thanks Natsfan36. I think I'm going to keep the colors as is. I mean, when you think Bison you think brown. Plus I wanted this to relate a bit to Native American culture, being part Omaha I should know this but I dont, I believe reds and browns speak to me as being Native. I could be wrong, but those are the colors I most relate to the plains people.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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