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Anyone From Maine?


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i collect hockey jerseys..mostly gameworns...anyway..i was talking to my uncle ,whos from maine...and he mentioned the "mavericks"...said it was a junior club..told me he knows somebody who knows somebody,blah blah blah....well..i cant find any info on the mavericks...tried google..tried ihdb...no luck...my uncle is kind of old(thinks hockey stopped after bobby orr retired)..is he nuts?...is there a Maine Mavericks hockey team?...can anyone help me here...


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Are you sure it wasn't the Maine Nordiques? Some locals called them the "Nor-Dicks" instead of the "Nor-Deeks". Very odd considering just how many French speaking people call Lewiston home. Compound that with more than 30 years and one might be able to understand the possibilty of confusing them with "Mavericks"

They played in the North American Hockey League from 1973 to 1977. They played out of Lewiston, Maine's Cental Maine Civic Center (now called "The Colisée") and were the Qubec Nordiques farm club while they were still playing in the World Hockey Association. The team logo was a slightly modified Quebec Nordiques logo.

Team Jersey


Team Pennant


Hockey Pucks


Players such as Alan Globensky , Paul Larose and Richard Brodeur gained a strong local following with hockey fans in the Lewiston/Auburn area. In the end it was the demise of the league itself that cut the Nordique era short.

Lewiston currently is home to the Lewiston MAINEiacs of the QMJHL.

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Hmm...didn't think about that team. I figured it was furthur back because he mentioned it was around Bobby Orr's playing days, but no matter there's a load of info on that team too.

Maine Mariners- American Hockey League (1977-1992)

Philadelphia Flyers affilate, later New Jersey Devils & Boston Bruins

Team Colors: Black & Orange (later Black & Gold)

Cumberland County Civic Center, Portland ME

Won Calder Cups - (3) 1978, 1979, 1983

Logo: A stylized "m" with a ship's steering wheel copying some elements of their parent Flyers logo. Later they would adopt the Bruins colors but keep the logo.

In 1992 they would be relocated to Providence RI and remain their current minor league team the Providence Bruins. The Baltimore Skipjacks then moved to Portland to become the Portland Pirates.

Team Logo


Team Pennant


Team Jersey (Note: the went from Phily's style to Boston's)



Team Chest Patch (In case you want to make your own jersey)


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thanks guys...its a present day team,not from back in Orrs day..i just meant that as a way to say my uncle hasnt kept up with hockey since Orr....im thinking he meant the team from the Q..the Maineiacs...he probably didnt pay attention and mixed up Mavericks with Maineiacs... :hockeysmiley:

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